Definition - What does Acetify mean?

To acetify, is by process of acetification in which acetic acid has been produced in wine. In simpler terminology, it means the wine has transformed into vinegar by means of an acetobacter bacterium which causes the conversion of wine into vinegar. For the case of wine, this is not a desirable trait.

WineFrog explains Acetify

To acetify a wine, means that it is turning into vinegar. The occurence of a wine's acetification is due to the presence of VA or Volatile acidity caused by a bacteria in the wine giving wine certain characteristics of vinegar both in aroma and flavor. In small amounts, it may go unrecognized. For some professionals in small amounts it is a positive characteristic. However, in the process of fermentation and wine-making, if the utmost care in the winery's hygiene is not considered, the presence of such bacteria going unnoticed or untreated can cause a complete loss of wine into wine which is undrinkable.

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