Definition - What does Oenophile mean?

An oenophile is an individual who has a passion for wine and all its nuances, not simply pertaining to the wine they are drinking. An oenophile is typically an individual who is well-read and well-versed on the subject of wine. Perhaps some may even find a particular wine region of the world where their favorite wine is produced. They may be collectors of wine as well and frequently entertain at home with wine-themed occasions.

WineFrog explains Oenophile

To say one is an oenophile is to say that the person is enthusiastic about wine and appreciates it for the finer details. When consuming a wine, an oenophile will take note of the wine's appearance; its color and reflections. They inspect the wine's aroma while swirling it around in their glass. Such individuals also have a well-versed communication style in how they discuss a wine.

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