Vineyard Disease Prevention

Definition - What does Vineyard Disease Prevention mean?

Vineyard disease prevention and management is a multi-disciplinary approach to prevent diseases from becoming established in vineyards and harming or killing wine grapevines. Not only do vineyards have to follow established protocol, they have to ensure that they provide optimal growing conditions and are able to quickly respond to signs of disease. Almost all regions have an established protocol in place for disease prevention practices, which helps to stop the spread of diseases from vineyard to vineyard, but individual vineyards have to implement daily practices to ensure their vines are disease free.

WineFrog explains Vineyard Disease Prevention

Vineyard disease prevention requires diligence and spending time between the vines as well as implementing good practices. Vineyard Disease Management begins with vineyards implementing importing practices that comply with the agricultural regulating boards in their region and then extend to the daily practices and care of the vines in the vineyard. The best offense against diseases in the vineyard, is a good defense, and that means maintaining strong, healthy vines that are more resistant to disease and pests.

When vineyards invest in their soil, control weeds and properly prune and train vines they are implementing best practices for disease management. Vines grown in poor soil, will not have all the nutrients they need to be healthy, just as vines that are surrounded by weeds will have to compete for resources, while vines that are left to grow un-pruned or trained will not be able to focus resources to grapes, and an abundance of leaves can hold moisture or provide a hidden home for pests and molds. Even when vineyards follow regulations and implement good practices, diseases can still overtake the vines, and vineyards have to be able to respond quickly in order to prevent long-term damage to the vines and the vineyard.

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