Definition - What does Pigato mean?

Pigato is a white varietal wine from the region of Liguria in Italy. Its style is dry and light-bodied and it is known for its intense floral and fruity aromas and flavors. Citrus and yellow and white flowers are signature profiles of this wine.

Pigato is meant to be consumed slightly chilled and while it is still young.

WineFrog explains Pigato

This white wine is from northern Italy in the Ligurian region of Riviera di Ponente. Pigato is a lesser-known wine, as many bottles do not make it out of region. This could be due to its somewhat secluded geography between the mountains and the sea.

The wine is made from the Pigato grape, a close relative of Vermentino.

It is a crisp, light wine and pairs well with light poultry dishes and pasta seasoned with fresh basil and other aromatic herbs such as tarragon.

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