Definition - What does Lazio mean?

Lazio is a wine region located in Central Italy. It is known for its unique, volcanic terroir and traditionally by its sweet white wines. Grapes grown here are mainly of the white varieties of Trebbiano and Malvasia. More presently, wine styles of this region are dry, white blends of these varieties. Red wines made here are made from Sangiovese, Merlot and Canaiola.

Common wines of Lazio are labelled Frascati, Grechetto, Bellone and Cesanese.

WineFrog explains Lazio

Lazio is not a front-runner compared to many other wine regions of Italy. Most of the wines from this region in the past were sweet and considered "boring." However, there is some history of this region and a well-recognized wine known as Est! Est!! Est!!! from the smaller region of Montefiascone.

The legend dates back to the 12th century of a German bishop who was traveling to a meeting with the Pope at the Vatican. While in route, he wished to stop at villages known for the best wines. He hired a wine scout to travel ahead of him, instructed to write "Est" on the door of any wall of any inn where he liked the wine. It was at the Montefiascone Inn where the wine was so good that "Est! Est!! Est!!!" was written on the door.

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