Definition - What does Xarel-lo mean?

Xarel-lo is a white wine variety originally from Catalonia, Spain. This wine is considered to be one of the finest Spanish white wine varieties, and it is made from the Xarel-lo grape which is part of the Vitis Vinifera species. Xarel-lo wines are known to have characteristics such as strong flavor and aroma, and it is globally known by alternative names like the following:

  • Pansa Blanca
  • Cartoixa
  • Moll
  • Pansal
  • Cartuxa
  • Xarelo Blanco

WineFrog explains Xarel-lo

Xarel-lo wine is made from the white varietal Xarel-lo grape. Even though these grapes are best known for making sparkling wines like Cava, Xarel-lo dry wines are also popular all over the world. With new world winemaking-areas adopting practices from the old world, Xarel-lo grapes and wines are produced in many parts of the world, but Spain is still its top producer. Studies say that about 9,000 hectares of Spanish soil is dedicated to harvesting Xarel-lo grapes for Xarel-lo wine. The characteristics of the wine produced using these Xarel-lo grapes include a good balance of acidity and sweetness and stone fruit flavor.

Great wine pairings for Xarel-lo include hearty fish dishes like swordfish and halibut with sides of garden vegetables. Xarel-lo also pairs well with dishes that include fresh herb ingredients like basil, parley, thyme and oregano. Like many Spanish wines, Xarel-lo wines age well and can be cellared for quite some time to develop borad flavors and lush character.

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