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Cyril J. J. Berry, aka, C. J. J. Berry is best known as the author of First Steps in Winemaking, published in 1996, which has sold over three million copies internationally. However, he had first inspired people to make their own alcoholic libations in 1953 as one of the founders of the first British amateur winemakers' circle.

He also came up with the easiest method to calculate potential alcohol by volume.

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In 1953, sugar rationing in England came to an end after the Second World War and the interest in brewing at home began to thrive.

Once C.J.J. Berry founded the first British amateur winemakers' circle in Andover, Hampshire and in three other counties, by 1960, there were 86 known wine circles in the UK and over 100 by 1961. The number of official memberships was 30,000 in 1962.

Cyril J. J. Berry also established the Winemaking National Guild of Judges in 1963. He produced the Amateur Winemaker magazine, and wrote other books; 130 New Winemaking Recipes and Home Brewed Beers and Stouts.

Among his publications, he was able to simplify the method by which home brewers could calculate the alcohol by volume depending on what they were making:

Alcohol by Volume For Wine:

ABV = (Starting Specific Gravity - Final Specific Gravity)/7.36

Alcohol by Volume for Beer:

ABV = 133.62 x (Starting Specific Gravity - Final Specific Gravity)

For higher ABV above 6% this formula is used:

ABV - 1.05/0.79 (Starting SG - Final SG / Final SG) x 100

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