Water Table

Definition - What does Water Table mean?

In the context of viticulture, the water table is the boundary between unsaturated ground and water-saturated ground.The area below the water table which can consist of rocks and soil is usually saturated with water. In the vineyard, the boundary of the water table can fluctuate through natural rainfall or irrigation as water soaks down through the soil from the surface.

WineFrog explains Water Table

In the vineyard, wine grape growers need to know and manage the water table to ensure optimal health and growth of Vines and wine grapes. Vines that receive inconsistent moisture or that dehydrate severely will not bear juicy grapes at harvest. Most commonly, Viticulturists will utilize soil management techniques to ensure subsurface drainage that balances proper irrigation of grape vines, while ensuring that the roots are not saturated.

In vineyards, the level of the water table can fluctuate as it is influenced by different factors including; topography of the vineyard, ground cover and weather. For instance, the water table in a valley will be higher relative to the water table on hillsides.

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