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Edward B. Roessler was a mathematician and the chairman of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Davis teamed with Maynard A. Amerine, a pioneer in the research of fermentation, cultivation and sensory evaluation of wine, and co-wrote the book, Wines: Their Sensory Evaluation. The publication detailed how an individual could summarize a wine by tasting it blindly. The book was to mainly set out certain suggestions for wine tasters to draw their own conclusions about a wine without any bias. The publication was later used to revamp California's wine industry and standards of tasting.

Roessler died in 1993 of heart failure in Sacramento, California.

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The publication Edward B. Roessler and Maynard A. Amerine authored was intended to set standards for professional tasters and evaluators so that judgment of wine(s) would remain unbiased and equal. Their basic principals are as follows:

  1. Perform a blind tasting. While identifying wines blindly is challenging, it is purposeful to test the common perceptions of wine and if they are actually correct.
  2. A group of tasters' opinions should be independent. As wine tasting is subjective, when wines are served blindly, the opinions of other tasters should be kept private so that others are not influenced in their own blind tasting experience. Thus, during a group tasting event, everyone should rank subjected wines without sharing any opinions or commentary with one another.

Another publication by Edward B. Roessler and Maynard A. Amerine is Principles of Sensory Evaluation of Food.

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