Vineyard Manager

Definition - What does Vineyard Manager mean?

A vineyard manager is a person who manages the land and the vines producing the grape crop used to make wine. Depending on the size of the vineyard, vineyard managers may take on additional duties, but typically the area of expertise of a vineyard manager is land and vine management.

WineFrog explains Vineyard Manager

Vineyard managers are responsible for maintaining the vineyard to produce a healthy and abundant grape harvest by implementing effective and safe agricultural practices to ensure disease-free vines. Disease prevention includes having good practices in place when introducing new vines and ensuring that they are also disease-free, monitoring the vines for signs of disease or pests and ordering lab or field tests to test for diseases or soil quality. Vineyard managers are responsible for making decisions about how to treat diseases and pests, as well as how to train or trellis vines, weed management, hiring and training of vineyard workers and managing the harvest.

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