Definition - What does Friulano mean?

Friulano is a white wine grape with origins from South West France. However, it is most recognized as one of the main varieties from northeastern Italy. It thrives in dry climates and is used to make light-bodied, dry-style wines. It is also cultivated in another region of Italy, Lombardy.

Its name differs depending on where it is grown. In Hungary, it is known as "Friuli," in Chile, "Savignonasse" and in California, "Sauvignon Vert."

WineFrog explains Friulano

Friulano is one of the first grapes harvested in the season as it ripens early. Despite its short growing season, the grape has sufficient character to make a variety of wine styles from dry to sweet dessert wines.

On some wine labels, Friulano is marked as "Tokay Friulano." This is because it is one of the grapes used to Tokaji wine in Hungary. There have been some legal disputes over whether the country is permitted to have a monopoly on the name. In Hungary, the grape is locally called "Friuli."

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