Stelvin Cap

Definition - What does Stelvin Cap mean?

The Stelvin cap is a brand name for a screw cap closure for wine bottles. It is one of the most established brands and is often used as the shorthand name for any screw cap.

The caps are fitted with a long outside skirt so that, aesthetically, it resembles a traditional capsule.

WineFrog explains Stelvin Cap

The Stelvin cap was created in the late 1960s and early 70s by the French company, Le Bouchage Mécanique. Its production was under Peter Wall, who was at the time the Production Director at Yalumba winery in Australia.

The cap underwent some trials for the Swiss wine, Chasselas, that had a reputation of having challenges with cork taint. The trials were a group effort by other wineries as well; McWilliams, Seppelt, Penfolds, Hardys, Brown Bros and Tahbilk. All of these wineries began using the Stelvin cap commercially in 1976. Today the Stelvin cap is being utilized for capping many wines all over the world, even high-end collectors wines.

Stelvin caps are interesting, as they reduce the risk of cork taint and can be recycled.

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