Definition - What does Estagio mean?

In order to make Madeira wine, there are many stages involved that give it special character. Estagio is a step following the estufagem heating process. It is a period when the wine can rest for a minimum of ninety days. This allows for the wine to develop its signature character and meet the quality guarantee.

WineFrog explains Estagio

Estagio is the process by which Madeira is aged following the long and elaborate stage of estufagem. During this period of estagio, the wine rests for a required minimum of ninety days. It is also required that these wines must not be commercialized or even bottled before the 31st of October following the second year after the harvest (vintage) year.

It is the estagio process which enhances robust character and allows for the characteristics created during estufagem to be embodied in the overall wine.

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