Definition - What does Trebbiano mean?

Trebbiano is a white grape variety that is widely cultivated in Italy, particularly in Lazio. It is the only white grape allowed in the region of Tuscany. It gives fresh and fruity qualities to wine, but is not a variety that produces wine for long-aging. In France, it is known as Ugni Blanc, where it is used to make Armagnac and Cognac.

WineFrog explains Trebbiano

Trebbiano is a grape variety believed to have originated in the Eastern Mediterranean, dating back to Roman times in Italy. It is grown throughout the world in Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, France, Italy Portugal and the US.

In Italy, it is locally called Trebbiano Toscano and is the most widely planted white grape in the country. It is also the grape of the famous wine, Vin Santo, from Tuscany; a dessert wine made by the dried grapes which are vinified in small barrels made of oak or chestnut.

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