Pectic Enzyme

Definition - What does Pectic Enzyme mean?

Pectic enzyme, also called pectinase, is a natural additive added to wine in order to break down pectin. The pectin is a jelly-like substance found in grape skins which can cause cloudiness in wine. By adding the pectic enzyme to wine, it is able to break it down and also help for more color and juice extraction.

WineFrog explains Pectic Enzyme

The use of pectin enzyme (pectinase) is common in the wine industry. When added during maceration, it extracts more juice from the fruit. However, it must be used sparingly, as it can also cause the prematuration of wines.

It is best when pectinase is added prior to starting fermentation. This allows for the enzyme to work on the fruit and break down the pectin which is found in the grape skins. The enzyme works even further with by the formation of alcohol during the fermentation process.

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