Medium Plus (M+)

Definition - What does Medium Plus (M+) mean?

Medium Plus (M+) is a toast level for oak barrels. These barrels are recommended for the use of barrel aging full-flavored red wines with significant body.

Signature tasting notes and aromatics which are imparted into wine by Medium Plus barrels include vanilla and brown sugar. Other notes vary depending on where the oak comes from; America, France or Slovakia. Barrels from the later two can impart cinnamon and hazelnut notes into the wine.

WineFrog explains Medium Plus (M+)

The longer a barrel stays on the fire, the stronger their toast character gets. Medium Plus is a toast level which is acquired by allowing the barrel to stay on the fire for a bit longer than Medium toast.

Depending on the balance and structure of the wine aged in Medium Plus barrels, the results can vary. Medium to full-bodied wines can take on a variety of bouquet and flavors of campfire, caramel, leather and black pepper, burnt sugar or roasted marshmallows and even some smoked meat notes.

This type of toast is almost never used for white wines, even full-bodied white wines, as it can overpower the wine and make it unbalanced.

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