Definition - What does Aromatic mean?

In wine tasting, the term aromatic refers to a wine which has had the time or natural ability to emit several aromas.

An aromatic wine is a wine which showcases several aromatics and perfumes as it opens and aerates in a glass or from a decanter. Aromatic wines may also showcase elements of various flowers in one moment and fruits in another, followed by savory or herbaceous nuances depending on the wine; white, red or rose.

WineFrog explains Aromatic

In the professional realm of wine tasting, to describe a wine as aromatic often refers to a mature wine, one which has been cellared and aged. In general, most young wines are simple in the way one can describe their aromas. A wine which has been aged has had the advantage of micro-oxygenation and slow exposure to air to develop and mature certain elements in the wine which mutate with time.

To sum it up, an aromatic wine is one which opens up and emits different perfumes and/or bouquets on the nose, the palate and in the finish. It is a wine which is seemingly endless in the different and variety of notes it can emit from floral essence, to fruits to herbs and earthy notes, etc.

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