Definition - What does Awkward mean?

"Awkward" is a way to describe a wine that has a poor structure or one that is out of balance. It can also be called "clumsy."

Sometimes, it is hard to pinpoint why a wine does not taste right. It may be an imbalance of acidity and fruit profile or it can be unbalanced in texture and mouthfeel.

WineFrog explains Awkward

An awkward wine is usually irreversible or unalterable with bottle or cellar aging. Some wines in their youth may have the quality potential to change with age, while other wines, which are unbalanced from the beginning will always be unbalanced.

This awkward characteristic can occur during the winemaking process in fermentation, blending, fining, filtering or barrel aging.

In the case of barrel aging, it is often that the wrong barrel toast or the origin of the barrel did not suit the base wine. If a barrel has a strong toast, it can overpower and create an imbalance in the wine's aroma, bouquet or in its mouthfeel, creating tannins which are too strong for the structure of the wine itself.

Lack in acidity or too much acidity can also create an awkward wine.

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