Bin Number

Definition - What does Bin Number mean?

The bin number represents the batch identification number applied to wines from a separate lot or a brand to identify them. This bears no relation to the wine’s quality or price, it is simply used to identify different wines. Originally used to identify a specific storage area in a wine cellar where the wine was kept before sales, a bin number today is also used to refer to wines made using a particular style.

WineFrog explains Bin Number

Numbering of wines is done for identification purposes which aids in the wine labeling process. The bin number initially came into use to refer to a cellar in which a wine was stored prior to its sales. Initially, the number was used to aid the wine’s identification process. But, today, because of an increased number of consumers and a larger market space, bin numbers are also being used to identify a particular product or a type of wine made using a consistent style.

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