Bottle Shock

Definition - What does Bottle Shock mean?

Bottle shock, also called bottle sickness is sort of a phenomenon which happens to wine after it has been bottled or been through some travel. It can often be noticed right away in its color or clarity. If not seen, it is easily perceived in its taste, as it will have an imbalance of fruit character.

WineFrog explains Bottle Shock

Wines which go through bottle shock are not permanently damaged. If you have traveled with wine, or have had some shipped to you, it is recommended that it is not opened immediately. The shaking of wine during travel can disjoint its character. It needs time to rest. Simply storing it in a cool, dark place for a few days will allow the wine to return to a good state. For collectors who have traveled with or shipped older, collector wines, these wines may need more than just a few days of rest to return to a normal condition.

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