Bottle Sickness

Definition - What does Bottle Sickness mean?

Bottle sickness is characterized by mute or fruit flavors of a wine which seem out of balance or "off". It is a temporary stage of a wine after it has been bottled. It fades as long as the bottle of wine gets some rest in ideal storage conditions, preferably in cool temperatures and little light.

WineFrog explains Bottle Sickness

Bottle sickness, sometimes called bottle shock is a normal stage that most wines will go through after it has been bottled. Sometimes it can be apparent in its color and clarity, or lack thereof. This is also something which can also happen if wine has been shaken in travel, especially older wines.

It is recommended that if you order wine to be shipped to you, or if you travel with it yourself, that it should rest a few days and sometimes even longer before you can open it and enjoy it.

*There was a movie made in 2008 called Bottle Shock based on the 1976 Judgment of Paris in which some wine was thought to have been spoiled by bottle sickness.

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