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Definition - What does Bottled By mean?

"Bottled By" is terminology which is sometimes found on a wine label. This states that it is possible that the wine contained in the bottle was already made by another vintner and then purchased and bottled by the brand/winery listed on the label. This is not a statement of quality.

WineFrog explains Bottled By

The backside of a wine label will often have some information regarding the vinification and by whom or how the wine was bottled. This information does not ellude to the quality of the wine, but simply gives the wine trace-ability from harvest to bottle.

In the world of wine, some wineries are able to do it all, meaning that they have their own vineyards, harvest, crush, ferment, fine, age and bottle their wine ("estate-bottled").

However, all of this equipment and land for vineyards for some can be expensive. Therefore, there are some wineries and/or companies that help one another. One winery may have the facility to make the wine, but not a vineyard. Therefore, someone who owns the vineyards may make a wine under their name, but utilize another facility to make and bottle their wine. These wines are usually labeled "cellared and bottled by".

In another case, a winery may not have a bottling line, and therefore rents a bottling truck or will send it to a facility to be bottled for them.

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