Definition - What does Brawny mean?

Brawny wines are the type of young red wines that are hard, intense and raw. They also have high alcohol content. Brawny wines are also high in concentration of harsh tannins. Raw, woody flavors are the common characteristics of brawny wines. Brawny wines are known as the exact opposite of elegant or refined wines. It can also be used to describe full-bodied wines with plenty of weight and flavor.

WineFrog explains Brawny

Brawny wines are usually aged for a certain period of time to help soften the tannins. The aging process is also useful because it helps tone down the alcohol content. The overall effect of this process results in a wine which is well-rounded and full-bodied.

The term "brawny" is can be used synonymously with the words bramble or briary / briery. Brawny wines can be considered more complicated as they need a lot of refinement. Some examples of regions that produce wines with brawny characteristics include Amador county and California. Since brawny wines are hard, intense and raw, they are known to be tooth-stainers. This is sometimes applied to brawny wines which show respect for their strength.

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