Definition - What does Briary mean?

Briary refers to wines that have a peppery character, like those of wild berries. This is a special characteristic induced by alcohol or tannin and is often relevant in the context of young red wines. The term briary may also be spelled as briery and can be used synonymously for the words bramble or brawny.

WineFrog explains Briary

Briary is a term used to describe a type of wine that has spices and aggressiveness. It refers to wines with high alcohol content. The high alcohol content in briary wines induces an earthy or stemmy taste like those of wild berries. Briary is often used in the context of zinfandel and is a good descriptor of its characteristics.

Given the strong character of wines that contain briary, not everyone is a fan. It is an acquired taste, and there are some that definitely admire the spicy, earthy characters that briary beholds.

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