Cellared By

Definition - What does Cellared By mean?

"Cellared by" is text you can sometimes find on a wine label. It means that the wine was not produced at the winery listed on the label, but the specific levels of the wine's production can vary in each case. At the least, "cellared by" can mean the wine itself was bought from another producer and bottled at the winery on the label.

WineFrog explains Cellared By

While "Cellared by" on a wine label states that the wine contained in the bottle was not made at the listed winery, it was aged and then bottled at said winery. Some winemakers and wine producers do not have facilities of their own for aging and/or bottling. Therefore, they typically will rent out a space at another winery where their wine is cared for and on occasion, fined and finished with the help of the winery's staff. For some producers, this is a cost-effective way for them to grow grapes and make wine without a large investment for a winery and all it entails.

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