Definition - What does Crisp mean?

A crisp wine is one that displays a tart taste with high acidity and a low-sugar concentration. These wines usually have similar tastes to fruits like lemon or apples, and they refresh the palate with their acidic flavor. Typical crisp wines include Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Reisling, Torrontes, and Assyrtiko, and they pair well with dishes caught surfside or with light creamy sauces.

WineFrog explains Crisp

Crisp wines are not to be aged but instead drunk right after bottling when they are at their freshest. The grapes used to make a crisp wine are picked before they are completely ripe, which results in a high acid content without the extra sugar. Without the extra sugar, these wines also have a lower alcohol content which makes them easy to drink.

The idea behind these wines is that they are best consumed during the summer months when wine needs to be refreshing and cooling. Some crisp wines have more minerality than fruit flavors but they still have light notes that go well with rosemary, almond, and thyme mixed with roasted vegetables like haricots verts and a grilled white fish.

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