Definition - What does Depth mean?

When analyzing a wine, the term depth refers to a wine with notable and significant complexity. It is a term which can refer to the aroma and/or bouquet of a wine with a high concentration of characteristics and descriptors. It can also refer to a complex taste leading into the finish of a wine.

WineFrog explains Depth

If a wine is described to have "depth", it is referring to characteristics which are noted in the aroma and/or bouquet, taste, texture and finish. A wine with depth will have multiple notes on the nose which pertain to the fruit, and if the wine was aged in oak and furthermore in bottle. Wines with depth are wines with refinement, careful aging and keeping to allow for the full-potential to showcase itself. Such wines will have what is known as "layers'" of flavors and/or textures which change and develop into the finish.

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