Definition - What does Elegant mean?

In wine tasting, the term "elegant" when used to describe a wine, is to say the wine possesses characteristics of refinement. An elegant wine has been aged and shows balanced maturity. In other words, elegant is used to speak of the overall balance of an aged wine.

The tannin in elegant wines may be more developed and soft or velvety. An elegant wine will also have the characteristics of a mature aroma and/or bouquet, taste and finish. Each of these aspects will be in complete balance.

WineFrog explains Elegant

For some wines, the term "elegant" is synonymous to a wine of a classic style or similar to a classic wine; i.e, those wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy or other regions in the Old World.

There is a subtlety to elegant wines in which they are not too bold, but have the notes of refinement. Rather than fresh characteristics with light and fresh-picked fruits and/or preserved fruit, elegant wines are more rounded with more savory characteristics of herbs, earthy notes, and spicy elements. The finish of such a wine lingers and is soft in texture, which is sometimes synonymous in wine-speak with "feminine".

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