Definition - What does Enologist mean?

In the context of wine and wine making, an Enologist or Oenologist is a person who studies and is an expert in the science of wine and wine making. Oenology also known as viniculture is specifically the study of the science of wine and wine making and should not be confused with Viticulture, which is the study of vine growing and wine grape harvesting. Oenologists can work as Vintners or as consultants to help vineyards with any aspect of the wine making process.

WineFrog explains Enologist

Oenologists are specifically skilled in the science of wine and wine making, and often have Bachelor of Science Degrees in Winemaking, Oenology or Viniculture. The word Oeno comes from the Greek word oinos, meaning wine and logia or logist is Greek for study of, or one who studied. Oenologists combine the study of scientific principles with experience to oversee and manage pressing of the grapes after harvest, fermentation, filtering, aging and bottling. Oenologists may also create new wine blends and implement or create new processes or techniques to make the wine making process better. Oenologists may also have to take on different roles at the vineyard, depending on the size of the vineyard and may work in the vineyard and be a part of the sales team do other work as needed.

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