Definition - What does Focused mean?

A focused wine is one that possesses characteristics relating to its aroma and flavor that are clearly identified and defined. Focused is an adjective used when a specific wine of a specific varietal is found to be relative to its traditional and most-commonly found attributes. For example, Pinot Noir is defined by aromas and flavors of raspberries. A Pinot Noir wine said to have notes of raspberries, is referred to as focused.

WineFrog explains Focused

A focused wine relates to its overall character including aroma and flavor. A wine which is correct, and thus focused, is one which has a linear structure in its perfume and flavor. This includes wines which are easily identified according to their classic varietal characteristics.

For example, the varietal Viognier is known for making wines which have the aroma of stone fruit. Thus a Viognier wine which smells and tastes like peaches, apricots and other fruits of the like, is a focused wine. The Malbec grape is known for making wine with aromas and flavors of violets and plums. Therefore, Malbec wine with aromas and flavors of plums, plum tart or preserves is also focused.

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