Grown, Produced And Bottled

Definition - What does Grown, Produced And Bottled mean?

"Grown, Produced and Bottled" is a label phrase found on wine bottles in the United States. It indicates that the designated winery managed every aspect of the wine from beginning to finish (from crush to fermentation, to bottling). While similar labeling is not indicative of the quality of the wine, this statement is, as it lets the consumer know that the wine being purchased hasn't changed hands during the process of production.

WineFrog explains Grown, Produced And Bottled

There are label requirements within the United States which mandate that a winery must inform its consumers about which part of the winemaking process was performed on their estate. If a wine label reads "Grown, Produced and Bottled", this means that the winery performed each of these steps on the estate.

This labeling is synonymous with "Estate Bottled", meaning that one-hundred percent of the grapes cultivated on the land were from said estate. It is likewise for the fermentation, aging and bottling. This is a label typically found on quality wines. An an estate that uses the label text "Grown, Produced and Bottled" handles the following aspects of the wine's production process:

  • Cultivation/harvest
  • Pressing, crushing, filtering
  • Fermentation, barrel-aging
  • Finning, bottling and aging
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