Definition - What does Harmonious mean?

Harmonious is a term used in wine tasting when a wine is noted to be in ideal and/or perfect balance in all aspects pertaining to the body of wine, like its aromas and tastes of fruit, acid, tannin, sugar and alcohol.

A harmonious wine is one in which no element over-powers another from the point of impact on the palate to the finish.

WineFrog explains Harmonious

A harmonious wine is one that is well-balanced and expresses itself elegantly and without any bold character to bring attention to one singular quality.

To determine if a wine is harmonious, it is necessary to note its characteristics from the beginning of tasting to the end. The first taste of a wine will involve acidity. At first impact of the wine, it should not overpower its consumer with fumes of alcohol. The acidity should seamlessly meet with characteristics of fruit and/or terroir and their perfume then lead into any presence of tannin. Tannin, in a harmonious wine will be even from the front of the palate to the back with no "emptiness" in the center of one's palate.

Finally, the finish of the wine should linger with all components evenly on one's palate with lingering perfumes of the fruit/terroir and the bouquet of any aging or oak elaboration.

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