Definition - What does Landwein mean?

In Germany, landwein falls under the category of tafelwein or "table wine." It does not fall under the QbA or Prädikat wine hierarchy.

The basic requirements for this wine are that it must be made with grapes from the 19 required regions and be made in the style of Trocken (Dry) or Halbtrocken (Half-dry).

WineFrog explains Landwein

Today, Landwein is refered to as Deutscher Wein. There are officially seven Deutscher Wine Regions:

  • Rhein-Mosel
  • Bayern
  • Neckar
  • Oberrhein
  • Albrechtsburg
  • Stargarder Land
  • Niederlausitz

These regions are further divided into 19 Landwein regions. Unlike the QbA or Prädikat wines, landwein cannot be made from individual designated vineyards, however, they must be made from 100% German grapes. Basically, a landwein can be made with any percentage of grapes from any of the listed regions. This is also why it is not considered quality wine.

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