Definition - What does Luscious mean?

The term luscious is one which may be used to describe a wine in its analysis and tasting of a wine. It is an adjective used to describe a wine which is smooth, rich and one which has a full and juicy texture. It is often an adjective which is used more specifically to wines which are sweet.

WineFrog explains Luscious

The term "luscious" is a word used to describe a wine's texture. For some wines, a "luscious" characteristic can be noted on the first impact of one's palate and/or finish of the wine. Such a wine may also be described as juicy, refined and smooth. It's texture, and sometimes flavor, may possess similar characteristics of certain tropical fruits, i.e., passion fruit, pineapple and lychee. It is an adjective commonly used for sweet wines with a refined balance of sweetness and acidity.

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