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Definition - What does Made and Bottled By mean?

For wines made in the US, "Made and Bottled By" found on a wine label means that a minimum amount of the wine in the bottle was crushed, fermented and bottled at the estate. This label is not a statement of quality. Such labeling in the United States is mandatory for a wine to be marketed. It differs from "Grown, Produced and Bottled" in that, the wine has not been harvested at the given estate, and it hasn't undertaken 100% of the wine's production process as is with "Grown, Produced and Bottled".

WineFrog explains Made and Bottled By

Wine produced in the United States has required labeling laws. When "Made and Bottled By" is found on a wine label, this means that a minimum of ten percent of the wine was produced at the winery (crushed, fermented, aged, etc.) and bottled on the property. Winemaking processes can be shared by individual vineyards, estates and wineries before the wine's final bottling.

This is not a quality control label.

Other labels are:

  • "Produced" or "Made by"
  • "Blended by"
  • "Imported by"
  • "Cellared and bottled by"

These also do not pertain to the quality of a wine, but are mere logistical statements and serve to inform the consumer about the wines they are purchasing and what aspects of its production were undertaken by the manufacturer.

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