Nasal Fatigue

Definition - What does Nasal Fatigue mean?

Nasal fatigue happens to a person when they have smelled and analyzed too many wines. For some, this can be smelling three wines, for others, it can occur after smelling/analyzing twenty wines. It is a feeling of diminished sensory perception. Once it occurs, it is often a sign one needs a break from smelling/tasting wine.

WineFrog explains Nasal Fatigue

Individuals and professionals who are familiar with wine tastings and analyzing wine have all experienced nasal fatigue. After a certain time of smelling similar or even different wines, an individual "stops" smelling or being able to distinguish certain aromas, bouquets, etc.

For those who frequent wine tastings or enjoy these events, there are ways to prevent nasal fatigue or at least gain some endurance. In-between flights or certain styles of wine, one can take a small break drinking water and also "smell" it. This can help to reset your sense of smell. It is similar to smelling coffee beans in-between trying and smelling various perfumes. Eating snacks that are neutral in taste, without much salt, like oyster crackers or other plain crackers and bread can help as well.

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