Definition - What does Nouveau mean?

In the context of wine styles, Nouveau refers to a French wine produced under the regulations of Appellation d’Origine Controlee (AOC) that is bottled and sold in the year it was harvested. French Nouveu wines are released in the fall and are meant to be enjoyed without aging, hence the term "Nouveu", which means "new" in English.

WineFrog explains Nouveau

Nouveau is a French word that means "new"; when you see a wine labeled as Nouveau you can expect certain characteristics in this very young wine. Nouveau wines are very fruity, light bodied and often pale in color due to shortened maceration and fermentation, the wines are bottled quickly, often without oaking or aging. Nouveau wines are not meant to be cellared for long periods of times, as they are made to be drunk within the first year of bottling.

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