Definition - What does Nutty mean?

Nutty is a term used to describe a wine during an analysis or tasting to say that it has nuances similar to the aromas of nuts. Nuttiness can only be integrated into wine during the process of aging in oak or oak substitutes. There are a variety of "nuts" which may be noted in a wine depending on the type of oak utilized, its toast level and length of time the wine was in contact with the oak.

WineFrog explains Nutty

To be more specific on the topic of a wine having a nutty nose, there are two aspects to a wine's nose: aroma/perfume and its bouquet. Nutty falls under the bouquet of a wine, or any wine which has gone through the elaboration of oak aging. (There many other nuances which fall under the category of bouquet.)

A wine described as a nutty can have a number of nuances similar to a variety of nuts, i.e, almonds, toasted walnuts, pinenuts, hazelnuts, macadamia, pecan, etc.

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