Organic Wine

Definition - What does Organic Wine mean?

Organic wine is basically wine made with grapes grown without the use of any synthetic chemical products for enhanced yield of harvest. Although definitions vary for organic wine based on which part of the world the wine is from, the idea of using fresh, pesticide and insecticide-free farming techniques that helps preserve the health of both customers as well as the planet has attracted a lot of attention towards organic wine drinking.

WineFrog explains Organic Wine

A label reading "organic" on a bottle of wine has a different meaning in each nation depending on the guidelines of the wine producing nation. While in the United States, organic wine is made from organically grown grapes without added sulfites, in Europe, the addition of sulfites is approved for organic wine. The addition or exclusion of sulfites plays a huge role in a wine’s shelf life as well as its flavor, resulting in a great variety of worldwide organic wines. The variety is based on not just the type of grape, and the wine’s age but also the addition of these sulfites .

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