Definition - What does Perfumed mean?

In its analysis and tasting, if a wine is described as "perfumed", this indicates that it is fragrant. It is a term more applicable to white wines and some rosé wines, as with age, they can possess characteristics and perfumes of flowers and layers of matured fruits which have led way into more perfumed aromas.

WineFrog explains Perfumed

A perfumed wine is one which has matured to develop complex aromas similar to that of perfume. Some aromas of such wines can be subtle or strong, depending on the age of the wine and the variety of grape. The descriptor of "perfumed" is gauged more towards white and rosé wines, as the varietals used to make these wines are more apt to mature into complex layers of floral essences. For example, you may note experiencing hints of jasmine, rose, or ginger flower in some wines and citrus blossom in others etc. "Perfumed" can sometimes be synonymous with "floral".

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