Private Reserve

Definition - What does Private Reserve mean?

Private Reserve can be found on some wine labels and according to the winery, it signifies quality. However, the label does not have any legal definition, so for some, this may be subjective to quality or not. Some wineries use it only for their "black label wines" or their best produced wines.

WineFrog explains Private Reserve

In many winemaking countries, there are strict rules about what can be placed on a label. Terms like "Reserve", "Riserva" or "Reserva", or similiar, signify that a winery upheld minimum requirements such as the time a wine spent in barrels for aging and/or bottle aging before it was released for sale.

However, in the US and many other New World winemaking countries, there are no restrictions as to what is written on a label. For some wineries, a term such as "Private Reserve", may be reserved for small-batch wines from special vineyards or from hand-selected fruit or special blends. But there is no legally defined quality label restrictions, so it a wine's quality labeled as such is not always guaranteed.

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