Definition - What does Rustic mean?

Rustic is the defining quality of a selection of wines that can be described as hearty, earthy, or rough-edged. Rusticity is used to acknowledge both the positive as well as negative qualities of wine, depending on which class the wine falls under – young, fresh wine or distinctive wines that require aging.

WineFrog explains Rustic

Wines classified as rustic are generally produced using ancient methods of making wine and therefore, these wines also have flavor resembling that of wines from earlier eras. Rustic wine making doesn’t require the producer to have knowledge far beyond the basics, and can easily be made in a bucket with no scientific knowledge. However, the wines promising rustic authenticity, that do make it to international shelves, have a much more systematic procedure of production. This divides the wine into varieties based on the extent of the roughness present as a quality. Some varieties of rustic wine are Connonau, Aglianico, Falanghina, Pinot D’aunis, Carignane, and Moschofilero to name a few.

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