Definition - What does Soft mean?

Soft is a descriptor used to describe a wine that is easy on the palate. It may be soft because of round and fruity characteristics, or because it has a lack of aggressive and young tannin structure. Most soft wines are young without any elaboration or aging in oak. They are referred to as "easy-drinking" wines.

WineFrog explains Soft

The word soft, is used to describe a wine that is without much complexity or layered nuances. The softness of a wine may come from a low presence of acidity or suppleness of full, well-rounded fruit notes. This may be in the case of both red and white wines.

However, a red wine that is called soft may also refer to its tannin structure or lack thereof.

Some of these wines often fall into the category of young wines which are meant to be consumed early, such as Beaujolais. They rarely go through elaborate secondary fermentations and/or aging in oak casks or with oak substitutes. They are easy-to-drink, however, this does not necessarily indicate that it may be a lesser quality wine.

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