Super Second

Definition - What does Super Second mean?

Super Second is a modern term that speaks about Second Growth (Deuxièmes Crus) wines from Bordeaux. According to the 1855 Bordeaux Classification, five tiers of Grand Cru wines were created. Today, the Second Growths have become competition for the First Growths in many ways except their price. This is why they are being named "Super Second".

WineFrog explains Super Second

The term "Super Second" is a relatively new term, which has yet to be coined, but is being used by many Bordeaux wine collectors.

The five categories from First Growth to Fifth Growths has not changed much since 1855. However, collectors are taking notice, that some of the wine houses listed as Second Growths are just as good as the First. Many feel that some found in the second category should be promoted.

However, others might see the title as an advantage, especially collectors. Super Seconds may have a higher quality equal to the First Growths, but the price is significantly lower, even though they are at higher price ranges than their second-place counterparts.

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