Super Tuscan

Definition - What does Super Tuscan mean?

Super Tuscan wines have a long, diverse history and are usually defined as blended wines that come from Italian vineyards. The Super Tuscan wine originated from Chianti red wines that had white wine varietals blended into them. These red wines are rich, modern, boldly flavored and can vary widely on price and quality.

WineFrog explains Super Tuscan

When Super Tuscan wines were originally blended, they were not within the Italian Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) guidelines and were simply called Vino Da Tavola or “table wine”. As they gained popularity in the United States, the press could not use such a simple name, and the denotation “Super Tuscan” was born. These Super Tuscans were known as blended wines that came from Tuscany but did not have a common blend, grape or style.

Today, some of the Super Tuscans have earned DOC recognition, like Sassicaia and the Bolgheri, which are mostly cabernet sauvignon blends. The rest of the Super Tuscans fall into the Indicazione Geografica Tipica (IGT) appellation, which classifies them higher than table wines, but still allows the winemakers some flexibility. Most of the Super Tuscan wines sold currently are in the $100 per bottle range, as winemakers have tried to raise their quality over the years.

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