Table Wine

Definition - What does Table Wine mean?

Table wine includes those wines in the "still wine" category, which contain anywhere from seven to fourteen percent alcohol. In many European countries, a wine labeled as "table wine" is the lowest quality wine produced. In France it is called Vin du Table, in Italy, Vino da Tavola and in Germany it is called Tafelwein.

WineFrog explains Table Wine

According to the European Union wine laws, a wine labeled as 'Table Wine' is the lowest recognized category of wine. While other categories of wine are strictly regulated according to their country and/or region (i.e. minimum allowable yields, cultivated varietals, harvesting and fermentation methods, aging and fining and filtering), table wines are not strictly regulated. They are often not permitted to be sold outside of the country.

In the New World table wine does not hold the same classification. Table wines are found at a lower price mark, however it does not necessarily indicate it is of lower quality. These wines vary according to the winemaker.

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