Definition - What does Tired mean?

In the context of wine tasting terms, tired is a descriptive adjective for a wine that has lost its aroma and that tastes flat on the palate. A tired wine is one that is past its peak of aroma and flavor.

Typically, aging allows a wine to change and develop more complex characteristics; however, if left for too long, the wine will deteriorate and become tired.

WineFrog explains Tired

When a wine is described as tired, it will have lost its fruitiness, its aroma and its flavor. The wine may have faint aromas of dried flowers or fruit and may even have a musty aroma.

The term "tired" should not be confused with other descriptors like sour or vinegar, as these characteristics usually have a pronounced flavor and aroma while a tired wine is flat and faint.

The degree of how tired the wine is can vary, depending on how old the wine is and how it has been stored. When wines age, the acids, sugars and phenolic compounds determine the reactions that will take place. Over time, the structure of the wine can be compromised when elements of the wine are out of balance, or if the wine has too much oxygen or improper storage. When wines are stored, they need to be protected from oxygen and kept at a stable temperature and humidity to achieve the best results.

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