Definition - What does Vigneron mean?

A vigneron is what they say in French for the grape grower and/or winemaker. The basic definition for a vigneron in French is the person whose role it is to maintain the vineyard and help cultivate high-quality grapes for winemaking and who is also closely involved in the winemaking process.

WineFrog explains Vigneron

A vigneron is an all-encompassing position of an individual who has a deep understanding of the vine and all its functions, from cultivation to disorders and diseases and how to produce quality fruit to make quality wine.

They also have an education which involves vineyard management and the year-round maintenance needs of a vineyard.

The position of a vigneron also includes that they have had the education of a winemaker and can oversee and manage the process of winemaking from crush to fermentation, aging, fining and filtering, bottling, etc.

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