Vine Spacing

Definition - What does Vine Spacing mean?

Vine spacing is a crucial part of vineyard development and wine grape yield. How vineyards chose to space their vines depends on the varietals they choose, the soil and the terrain of the vineyard. Vines that are spaced too close together can be overcrowded and they will have to compete for resources and face the possibility of becoming a tangled mess. Proper vine spacing aids in vineyard organization and the quality of yield.

WineFrog explains Vine Spacing

Vine spacing can affect the vineyard's wine grape yield and it affects how the vines are managed, so, prior proper planning is essential to the success of a vineyard when it come it vine spacing.

A mentioned before, vines that are planted too far apart can allow the growth of weeds and also does not utilize the precious agricultural real estate of the vineyard while vines that are planted too close together present an entirely different set of problems. When vines are too close together many aspects of weed, pest and disease management can be physically challenging if not impossible to navigate, especially if the vineyard uses machinery.

The space between the vines important, but the space between the rows also has to be considered, as does the length of the row. When choosing the space between the vines, growers have to know the type of varietal they are planting, how big it will grow and what conditions it grows best in, space between the rows is important and needs to be considered for the types of machinery that will be used, and row length needs to be based around irrigation and trellising systems that will be used.

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