Vine Training

Definition - What does Vine Training mean?

In the context of viticulture, vine training is the ancient practice of balancing the growth of the vine with the quality of the fruit of the vine. As plants can only process so many nutrients, if vines are left to grow unchecked, the quality of the fruit may be sacrificed. Vine training monitors the growth of the vine and ensures that the fruit produced is the best it can be and is part of the overall vineyard management and wine philosophy.

WineFrog explains Vine Training

Vine training balances growth of the vine with quality of the fruit, which can mean different things to different vineyards. Vine training is part of overall vineyard management and is dictated by the varietals grown, the climate and the wine the vineyard wants to produce. The main factors that play in vine training are vine-vigor, site vigor and how they are affected by the regional climate, micro-climates, elevation and slope. Vine training can mean that the vines are pruned to control the buds and fruit yield for the next season, are trellised or left to grow into a goblet shape on the old wood at the top of the trunk.

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